Customized Lenses For Your Glasses

1Do You Wear Glasses?

Wearing glasses doesn’t have to be a bad thing, you can have your lenses easily customized by our friendly professionals. The right lenses can enhance your vision and style. Often times, people believe the frame is most important, but it is the lenses that make all the difference. You can get custom lenses for your prescription glasses, sunglasses, or glasses meant to enhance your look. We offer a digital management system, crafting your lenses to your exact prescription or desired look. We manufacture our lenses with careful measurements and detail. Our exclusive methods of crafting your lenses will give you an accurate fit.

How Do I Know Custom Lenses Are Right For Me?

There are several types of custom lenses, for you to choose from. We can craft spherics and many others for your lenses. In fact, Shanghi Optics has been in the business of pleasing their customers for many many years. We have all of your complete optical solutions when you need them. We handle slight repairs and custom lenses fittings. We care about our customers and want you to have the best experience possible each time you get your lenses filled with Shanghi Optics.

How Can Custom Lenses Help Me?

Custom lenses can help you see better and can relieve the eyes of discomfort from permable lenses. They will provide your eyes with a sharper vision when your viewing objects from any range. We encourage our customers to overcome their limitations in life because they are using the wrong lenses. Anyone that is not completely satisfied with their vision is encouraged to visit our friendly to read and navigate website for more details. We provide an excellent solution to anyone that has problems with their vision or lenses.

View more information at Lens Design.


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